Friday, December 31, 2010

How to Copy Contact Details From Nokia Phone to Android Mobile Device

Recently one of my friend switched over to Samsung Galaxy S from his good old NokiaSymbian. This Sunday he came over to me and asked if I could transfer all the contacts from his old phone to new.
Well I was able to do the stuff but now I have compiled a detailed guide for all those who don’t have geek friend circle.


  1. Drivers of both, your Nokia and your Android must be preinstalled on your computer.
  2. Data cable of both the phone. Bluetooth will work for your Nokia but will make the process slow.
  3. Nokia PC Suit and MyPhoneExplorer should be installed before hand. Both the program are free to download and use.
  4. Patience and piece of mind is also equally important. You can sit with a cup of coffee in you like.

How to transfer Contacts from Nokia to Android

  1. Connect your Nokia mobile to your computer via Nokia PC Suit and click on the Phonebook icon.
    nokia contact
  2. Wait for the program to read all your contacts on the phone. When all the contacts are updated select all by pressing the CTRL+A. Now right click any where on the selected contacts and copy them from the context menu.
  3. Make a folder anywhere in your computer and paste all the copied contacts.
  4. Start MyPhoneExplorer and navigate to File—> Connect. The phone will be automatically read and the program will ask you to make a new profile for the Android smartphone.
  5. When the phone is connected right click anywhere in the free white space and navigate to Export/Import –> Import.
  6. Import all the contacts from the folder you saved the contacts in the step 3 above.
    select all
  7. Now hit the blue synchronize button on the top.
  8. The program will now Sync all the contacts from PC to Phone and vice versa.
Well you can always backtrack the steps if you want to copy contacts from your Android phone to Nokia in future.

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