Tuesday, April 26, 2011

[HOWTO] edit BUILD.prop

HOW TO change firmware version, phone model, build version in "about phone"

1. open root explorer

2. go to /system, find build.prop, change to read/write mode. open the build.prop in text editor

* change build version: 4th line should say ro.build.display.id=(here you write your build version name), reboot and check build version in "about phone"

* change model number: 15th line should say ro.product.model=(here write your model number  ), reboot and check model number in "about phone"

* change firmware version: 8th line should say ro.build.version.release=(here write your firmware version, like 3.0 honeycomb  ), reboot and check firmware version in "about phone"

you can also change different things but ill write a guide of that later 


  1. will it actually change a (say like an htc hero) into a 3.0 honeycomb?

  2. That will not change anything. It will just change the values. Say Samuel's Galaxy S etc.

  3. no change is reflected in About Phone GIVE A STRONG METHOD

  4. This did not reflect in About Phone... Please post a method that changes it in about phone.